Creating Meaningful Success with Essential Oils

Not sure you believe all the hype about essential oils? Or maybe you’ve decided you’re “in” but simply don’t know where to start. In this post, I am sharing three important steps you can take to create meaningful and purposeful success with essential oils.
As an expert in navigating personal and organizational change (my day job), I know what it takes to make changes stick. Before I started investing in essential oils for myself (and now part of the YL business builder community!), I applied a tried-and-true technique that I have used for years with my clients. It’s all about setting intentions, aligning your actions and being mindful throughout the change process. It’s an iterative, agile and creative process that can be used over and over again to accomplish your goals, both big and small.
Honestly, I am not sure other YL business builders will take the same approach as I offer here. And that’s completely okay. I’m sharing these steps because I just want you to be successful. I want this journey to mean something real for you - helping you create the lasting changes you want to make in your life. More creativity. More freedom. Better health. Deeper grounding.

If you want to create meaningful success with essential oils, here are three important steps:


  • Write down what you hope to support, grow or solve by using essential oils and plant-based products. What do you hope to accomplish? Or, who do you hope to become? For example, my starting intention with oils was to bring more presence and creativity into my day. Another intention was to create more restful sleep, helping me to recover from stressful work days. Depending on your intentions, your oily journey may look different from other people you know or encounter online who use them. Oils have been used for centuries and their benefits are proven to be wide and deep.
  • Identify any barriers or challenges you anticipate. What might get in the way of achieving your intentions? As the saying goes, we "name them to tame them!" For each real or perceived challenge, write down at least one thing you will do to mitigate it. Using my personal example above, I anticipated a challenge with using oils for sleep support if they were not right near my bed. To mitigate this, I purchased an extra diffuser to support my intentions (one for my home office and one for the bedroom). I also shared my intentions with my family and asked for their support. My daughter now comes in before she goes to bed and we have a little oil ritual we share together!


  • Find your mentor & tribe. Because access to these amazing therapeutic grade oils are only available (at wholesale prices) through YL business builders, you will want to find “your people.” To find your best-fit mentor and tribe, engage with YL business builders either online or locally. Choose to enroll with someone that personally and authentically resonates with you. Maybe you have shared interests, common connections or similar goals. Maybe you simply love their instagram posts or know them from a mutual connection. It may sound a little crazy, but do your research. It’s important because your Enroller will be a great mentor, resource and access point for tribal support. It's important you feel comfortable and can communicate well with them!
    Please note: Obviously, I am a YL business builder, but if I don’t resonate with you that’s so good to know (for you, not me!). I am here to encourage you to find someone who does fit for you. Personally, I love working with multi-passionate, creative, entrepreneurial , expressive, emotional and artistic types. And yeah, if this IS YOU…. woohoo…. I can’t wait to chat, serve & support you!!
  • Save up or set aside a realistic budget. A budget of $200 USD will cover your lifelong YL membership, premium starter kit (oils, diffuser, & other product samples which is a required purchase for membership) and maybe a few extras. Consider beginning from a place of abundance. I personally suggest you don't borrow money or go into debt to purchase oils. It’s an energetic thing. I dodged this investment for many years and wasted a stupid amount of money on inferior oils from chain stores — they didn’t perform as expected and honestly, I have no idea what was in them. Lesson learned for sure!
  • Orient yourself to YL products and invest in your chosen starter kit. Once you have found your mentor & tribe, your chosen “Enroller” will help you understand: the membership process and benefits (hello discounts!); which Starter Kit is best for you (pull out those intentions!); and how to enroll online under their specific Enroller code. Many YL business builders offer ways to dip your toe in before your investment. So, as you’re saving up, start engaging with your Enroller to see if they offer intro classes or other ways to engage before you’re financially ready to enroll. Depending on your individual intentions, your Enroller can also point you to the best starter kit. While most of my clients start with oils (the Premium Starter Kit is the best!!), you might be more interested in the other YL plant-based starter kits for health, home, family, beauty or their new CBD line!.


  • Start simple.  Your starter kit will set you up for success — and truth be told, can be completely overwhelming if you’re new to oils! A simple and easy way to begin is to choose one oil per day. Read about the oil and its uses, apply topically to inhale and experience the scent. Understand the best uses for the oil. Do you typically diffuse, apply or ingest it? A combination of all two or all three (YL Vitality oils are the only ones safe for ingestion). Take some notes on what you like (or don't!) and any questions to research or ask your Enroller. I recall smelling the YL blend Panaway for the first time and thinking it smelled like Scope mouthwash. Eww… I had no idea why you would diffuse it!!?? Turns out that is not the typical use for it but rather it’s more of a topical application (great after exercise!). So, rookie questions are good questions. They lead to learning!
  • Revisit your intentions and experiment. Your Enroller, tribe and greater YL community have so much support to offer. Oil blend recipes, uses, and related products are only a click, email or call away. Pinterest is also a great resource for all things essential oils. When you revisit your intentions, it can help you focus your activities with essential oils. Noticing what is working for you is an important part of mindfulness and long-term success. The more you experiment, the more comfortable you will get and the more you will understand. I personally followed my Enroller’s advice and bought some of the books she recommended and joined some educational facebook groups.
  • Sign up for Essential Rewards. YL's monthly subscription box is the best way to reinforce your intentions, explore new products and expand your definition of what's possible with oils and plant-based products. You can change your box content every month (and earn reward points and product bonuses along the way!). Strategize with your tribe, household or Enroller on how to best optimize this for your budget and goals. I wanted to ensure this box was “cost neutral” for my home, so I ended up adding some non-oil replacement items to my box (Thieves dish soap, lavender hand soap and hand sanitizer , D vitamins — all amazing by the way!!!). This is called “ditch & switch” by business-builders and I love the term. Essential Rewards should not be an extra expense when done well. By participating in this program, I am able to keep my preferred oils in stock and benefit from all the additional discounts and free stuff. As you’re reading this, you may think this last bullet is a sales pitch, but it’s not meant to be. Change research proves that “reinforcement” is an essential phase for lasting change. Essential Rewards signifies your commitment to change — to a new future and to the realization of your initial intentions.


So there you have it: Intention, Action, Mindset. These are the key to creating meaningful change, applied to getting started with YL essential oils. I encourage you to reach out with any questions you have. And if you’re ready to go and resonate with what I am sharing, I’d be more than honored to help you get started. 


Let me help you get started with essential oils...
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