About Grounded Place


Grounded Place Studio is located in Holliston, Massachusetts in the Holliston Mill at 24 Water Street. The Mill is a former shoe factory, now home to many local artists and small businesses. We're thrilled to host our workshops in this historic and creative space, and to host our annual Open Studios event here every November. 

**Our studio is NOT a storefront and is only open by appointment or workshop.**  Please call ahead if you would like to stop in for a visit. 



Grounded Place is both a life design concept & a physical creative studio in Holliston, Massachusetts.

Much like the term “grounded” is used in physics as a reference point to a direct physical connection to the earth, we believe that when you tap into your authentic grounded place, creativity, courage and possibilities are endless. When you’re grounded, you make better choices, spend your time more intentionally, add more value, give abundantly to others, and have way more fun.  When you’re connected to this place, everything flows.

With the serendipitous relocation of her parents to Holliston in 2019, Laura McGann, Founder & Chief Creative, decided to move this concept she’d been studying through her coaching work into physical form. The Grounded Place studio is now where she and her father (and kids), create and share their own artwork, and offer creative workshops and coaching to the community.

Laura Grandy McGann | Founder & Artist

I describe myself as a full-time multi-passionate. Staying grounded has not always come easy for me.  In fact, I’ve spent most of my life feeling the opposite, forgetting (or completely losing) my way many, many times over. I both embraced and resisted being a multi-passionate.  I struggled trying to fit into a variety of identities, places and relationships — many of which felt “right” in some way or another. I bounced from left- to right-brain interests, nature to city, art to business (and one time event tried the business of art, but that didn’t last past one semester of grad school). My perpetual challenge was figuring out how to create a life that included many of these seemingly opposite passions in a way that also felt productive, balanced and true.

The good news is that, through a lot of experimentation (& amazing coaching, both professional and from dear friends), I’m now living intentionally, exploring and pursuing the most fulfilling paths. Grounded Place is my latest creation and I am so glad you’ve found us!

As a talent management and organization development strategist (my day job that rarely feels like “a job”), I help business leaders create healthy, socially responsible, thriving organizations that benefit their customers, employees and society at large. I am also a Certified Co-Active Coach (turning a childhood skill into a legit credential).

As a multi-media artist, my creative process includes curating, cutting, piecing, and eventually creating a common ground. In my works, I seek to create and find previously unknown relationships between spaces, colors and selected materials. Working in stained-glass, acrylics, collage paper, vintage wallpaper, inks, beads and quilting fabrics, I gravitate towards organic forms, texture, layers and bold colors. You can often find hidden sayings or symbols in my work, reminding the viewer to live life, intentionally.

I also have a heathy obsession with creating physical spaces and immersive experiences that help “ground” people or groups. It is quite possible (or — highly likely —) that I pursued a Fine Art degree to just someday inhabit a studio like ours in Holliston Mill.

I’ll cut it short here….(no offense to my amazing husband, kids and other interests!). Follow me on Pinterest for the full inventory, Instagram for all the family feels & lots of art inspiration, or LinkedIn for my professional credentials. Grounded Place is on Facebook, too!

Peter Grandy | Artist & Workshop Leader

Peter is a multi-passionate artist, teacher and former Congregationalist Minister. Now retired, he has a bit more time for sharing his work and knowledge at the Grounded Place Studio.

For the past twenty years, Peter has created hundreds of stained glass pieces using the copper foil method, also called the Tiffany Method. With compositions ranging from whimsical animals to abstract patterns and personality-filled trees, you will often find agate slabs embedded in his work (a nod to one of his other life-long passions, lapidary).

Peter leads all of our stained glass offerings including introductory technique, sun catcher and Moravian star workshops. 

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