Getting Started with Young Living Products

When you're ready to bring the goodness of essential oils and¬†infused products into your life, Young Living and Grounded Place are here for you!¬† In¬†addition to all of the benefits these oils will bring into your life, you get me as your oily coach (for as much or as little time as you want ūüėú ).
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Tip: You'll also want to also sign up for LOYALTY REWARDS. You earn reward points that can be redeemed for product purchases on every subscription order as long as your subscription order is at least 50 PV (point value) each month (typically 1-3 products, depending on your selections). Plus, as your number of consecutive months with a 50PV+ subscription order increases, so does the amount of reward points you earn = FREE GOODIES!
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ūüĆĪ Young Living offers a huge variety of oil-infused products including:

  • Essential Oils for Adults, Kids and Pets
  • CBD Products
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Natural Cleaning Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Diffusers & More!

As the leader of the essential oils movement, YL is committed to establishing and maintaining the ultimate, industry-leading standard in essential oil products. YL products are not sold in stores and only offered direct-to-consumer through Brand Partners like me. Their quality is unmatched and ensured through the standards of their Seed to Seal program.  

FYI on a few things you should know about buying through me (all good stuff):
(1) I am a YL brand partner and receive a small commission on this sale. Who you sign up with matters and I sincerely thank you for choosing me! 
(2) Buying oils from a reputable maker is incredibly important. I bought inferior oils from local stores for years and later learned that they are full of fillers and chemicals. I chose YL because of their quality. Period. This is an unregulated industry and I want to know where my oils are coming from. Because the oils and education is so great via YL, I entered the business side and love to share my testimony!
(3) I will never ask you to sell anything to anyone. YL uses brand partners like me to sell and market their products. However, there is no commitment to purchase additional product and you can cancel your monthly subscription (if you sign up for one) at any time, on your own. My 100% focus is on helping you bring the goodness of oils into your life. I will never ask you to share or sell products to anyone (but if you do want to get into the business, def. let me know and I can share all the details). 

‚܆ Click¬†this Grounded Place¬†link to enroll and purchase products! ‚Üě