Young Living Starter Kit: Step-by-Step Instructions

When you're ready to bring the goodness of essential oils into your life, Young Living (YL) and Grounded Place are here for you!  In addition to all of the benefits these oils will bring into your life, you get me as your oily coach (for as much or as little time as you want 😜 ).

As the leader of the essential oils movement, YL is committed to establishing and maintaining the ultimate, industry-leading standard in essential oil products. YL products are not sold in stores and only offered direct-to-consumer through brand partners like me.

Young Living offers a huge variety of oil-infused products including: Essential Oils, Kid Blends, CBD Products, Nutritional Supplements, Natural Cleaning Products, Beauty Products, Diffusers & More! Their quality is unmatched and ensured through the standards of their Seed to Seal program. 

Before you sign up, please know a few important things:  (1) I am a YL brand partner and receive a small commission on this sale. Who you sign up with matters and I thank you for choosing me! (2) I will never ask you to sell anything to anyone.There is no commitment to purchase additional product and you can cancel your monthly wellness box (if you enroll) at any time, on your own. My 100% focus is on helping you bring the goodness of oils into your life. (3) Buying oils from a reputable maker is incredibly important. I bought inferior oils from local stores for years and later learned that they are full of fillers and chemicals. I chose YL because of their quality. Period. This is an unregulated industry and I want to know where my oils are coming from. Because the oils and education is so great via YL, I entered the business side and love to share my testimony!

Let's get going! Follow the step-by-step instructions below and reach out to me if you have any issues, questions or want some suggestions on where to start.

For access to wholesale pricing and serious perks, here is your Grounded Place enrollment link to access YL:

↠ Click this Grounded Place link to enroll and purchase products! ↞


Please ensure the Grounded Place Sponsor & Enroller number #23382640 appears in both fields so that I can best support your oily journey! With your membership, you’ll get wholesale pricing (24% off retail) and have the potential to earn additional rewards through the Essential Rewards program (more info on this in Step 2 ↡).


All new members with Young Living enter through a Starter Kit. Choose your preferred 'starter kit' from the options listed (this is your lifetime membership ticket... kinda' like Sam's Club). Please note that after this purchase, there is no additional commitment. The Premium Starter Bundle is an amazing financial deal (and these diffusers are top of the line).  Your membership allows you purchase additional products when and if you want in the future at WHOLESALE pricing. 
I personally joined with the  ‘Premium Starter Kit’, which had absolutely everything I needed to diffuse and begin to learn about oils. So this is definitely the one I recommend. You will see some other kit options listed as well so have a look (KidScents is amazing, as is the Thieves and Ningxia kits!) Feel free to be in touch if you’re not sure which one to choose ~ happy to help ya’ figure out where to start based on your goals.


I encourage you to click "YES" to enroll in Essential Rewards when you sign up. Here is why: Essential Rewards is a monthly subscription box that YOU customize to your liking each month.  You will spend approx. $50/month on products you love - about $12/week and so worth it! The longer you subscribe, the more product reward points you will earn. At certain milestones, you will also receive loyalty gifts. To earn points and rewards you must stay in the program month after month. However, you can cancel at ANY time is this is not for you.
Enrolling when you sign up for your Premium Starter Kit has many benefits because you get the points associated with this order (which may be your largest). Click the YES to enroll in Membership Rewards and the next YES to using this order as your first ER order. 
Personally, I think this program is freaking AMAZING. I alternate the contents of my monthly boxes between new oils, home cleaning products, Ningxia, and am starting to add some of their other new products that peak my curiosity. My brother is loving the YL supplements!  And my budget has not taken a hit...  HOW?  Well, much of my spend is just shifting where I purchase products from. No more Clorox Wipes, Crest, Candles...  budget-neutral!


When you click YES to enroll in Essential Rewards, they will ask you to click on the first box 'Customize Your Monthly Order.' When you click this, it will send you into the Young Living Catalogue. Simply pick out a few items for your next month's order here.  I recommend adding a few oils, blends or some Thieves Cleaning products. 
As you select an item, click either 'Back' in the website (not browser) or scroll to the bottom and click on Save Monthly Order.  You must spend 50PV (PV = product volume) for each order, so add enough to meet that minimum.  Again, you can change this order at any time and you will not be charged for this today. 
Once you're done and have saved next month's ER order, it will send you back to the enrollment screen.  Scroll to the bottom and click NEXT.   Continue with the rest of the information requested and then you're done!   There is a question on enroller type and you can just select the first option w/o requiring a social security number.  

↠ Click this Grounded Place link to enroll and purchase products! ↞


While you’re awaiting your oily goodies, a Welcome Packet from Grounded Place Essentials will arrive to help you orient. If you’re on social media, I will also send you some links and an email with places you can explore some of the best classes and resources available.  My YL Team is sooooo good about education!!  


Thank you again for trusting me with your essential oil hook-up. I can't wait to support you in this wellness journey.  Contact me anytime!